Monday, January 2, 2012

Military Monday - GGrandpa Dennie's WWI Military Record Part2 *Updated Dec 12, 2016*

    Well as I promised last week here is the second part of the Great Grandpa Dennie's WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force's Record. I found on line this week a web site with all sorts of military info. about the different Battalions and where they served etc. It is really cool called "The Regimental Rogue". I really like it, it didn't fill in much more for me as they really didn't have a lot about the last part of the War and the last groups of recruits coming over. They did have a section on underage troops, but I am still trying to see if they have a section for submitting info.  I will continue to sift through the site, as there is a lot there, and who knows what I might learn. They do have downloadable info. such as a pdf that breaks down the enlistment/ID # of the Recruit. Telling you what Battalion they would have been in and when they joined therefore.  I leave it to you to sort through. I think it is safe to say that if you have an ancestor that served in the Canadian forces during WWI, it is a great site to check out. You just may find other records with their name in it, and this will all help you to 'Remember When....'
   * The section in Yellow Highlight speaks to the believe that my Great Grandfather lied about his age to join the Canadian Forces. However I have since found the correct information and evidence that He did join at the proper age of 18. I have updated the information and shown the records for the correction in the previous blogs as well. Updated Dec 12, 2016 by the blog author - John Goodwin.*

Final Medical Examination Upon Leaving the Service (Above)

Final Examination Form Signed in England and then Canada (Above)

Record of Separation and Assigned Pay (Above)

File of Pay Particulars (Above)

File of Pay Particulars Part 2 (Above)

File of Final Pay Dispersal (Above)