Monday, January 16, 2012

Matrilineal Monday - GGGrandma Sarah Walker

     I was looking for info. on my Great Great Grandfather George Dennie and following him back in time through the Canadian Census'.  I got lucky and found him in the 1901 Census of Halton County, Nelson Township in Ontario.  The Lucky part was that he and his wife Sarah where living with her father William Walker. I now had her Maiden name and her father's. I was able to trace him back in the census records and find his wife and kids too. All in all a great find. I expanded my lines and opened a new branch I really had no info. about or hope of finding at that point. I now knew my relations definitely go back to Ireland. This was something that had been passed down as part of our family heritage, we are part Irish, Scottish and French Canadian. I  now know we are. Research...never know what your going to find. Remember(ing) When.....

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