Friday, January 13, 2012

Funeral Card Friday - Grandpa Wilfrid Lafleur

    In my last post (Wordless Wed.) I posted a picture of Great Grandparents Eugene Lafleur and Marie Louise (nee Trudel). Today I post the Funeral Cards for one of their sons, my grandfather Joseph Wilfrid Lafleur and I am also posting a notice from the paper at the time, the Death Cert. and the Funeral Directors Statement of Death.. As a bonus I am posting a copy of the front of his Birth Certificate that I hold as the Family Genealogist. The end of life, and the beginning, such as it were. He was born in the Nipissing area and then moved to Windsor to raise his family. Some of them stayed and the family grew grew here (myself and others), and others moved elsewhere (Kitchener & Saskatchewan) as well as back to the Nipissing area. Where I still have family I visit and keep in touch with to this day. Wilfrid returned to Sturgeon Falls with his wife (my grand mother) Desneige (nee Ouellette - also from the Nipissing area) to retire. They are buried in St. Mary's cemetery in Sturgeon Falls (Their tombstone I will post on a Tombstone Tuesday coming up).  You can see a picture of him in earlier post (namely my first). Grandpa will always be a great man in my memories. A man who's family was always important to him. I will always 'Remember When...' we spent time with family at their home.