Friday, December 30, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Pocket Survey Devise of Grandpa Lafleur

    As the families genealogist and keeper of the family history, my mother handed down to me a few things from my grand parents.  I have family photo's that I have scanned and some even repaired (and redistributed to extended family). I also have documents, such as birth certificates and death certificates. I also have a pocket survey devise known as a Brunton's Pocket Transit. It was made by Wm. Ainsworth & Son's of Denver, Colorado. He was a painter by trade and also did other work in construction. Hence the Pocket Transit. I researched it a little on line and it is an interesting little devise. Wish I had my grand father here to explain how it worked. It does bring back thought's of him and the past family functions  though. I always Remember When...


  1. Interesting; I came across your blog through the Nipissing FB page. There is some instructions for the more modern Bruntons found here which might be useful for yours:

    1. Thanks Jeff, I down loaded the instructions on use. I am in touch with gentleman in the states who has a web site in which he tracks the Brunton's and dates their manufacturing by serial number. He is helping place my grandfathers in time. His site is and has all sorts of other info. about identifying your Brunton.

      Thanks again Jeff, great to have the instructions.
      John G.


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