Sunday, December 25, 2011

Remember When ... Christmas Morning...

    Well it is a 'Wonderful Christmas Morning' and I am writing this morning's blog from the sound booth of my Church (Banwell Community Church in Windsor, Ontario). I am here bright and early as I am every Sunday morning preparing the sanctuary and booth for the morning service. Friends of my Daughter and son have arrived to begin music practice for service. He on drums and she is fiddling with the piano, though her instrument of choice is her Violin. Kelsey is a gifted artist with the Violin and I love to hear her play.
    Anyway it is Christmas and I await the arrival of my 2 youngest children for the service. They spent the night at their grandparents in Essex with their mother. They are coming in for service and then I will drive them back out to spend the day with her. I will have them tomorrow for Boxing Day, as we go to my mother's place to celebrate our Christmas together, and my mother's birthday.
     I 'Remember When' I was a kid and morning's just always seemed a little bit magical. Waking up to a new day and the fresh wonders of it all. Weekends were even more so as you got up to watch cartoons on Saturday morning and old movie's on Sundays. They use to cycle through the old 'Abbot & Costello, Dagwood & Blondie, Shirely Temple, and other old cereal shows. But the most magical was Christmas morning. Waking up to presents under the tree and waiting, not knowing if it was to early to wake mom and dad or not. Then the excitement of them coming out and the mad dash to open gifts. Only to repeat the scene many times over the rest of the day or two at grandparents and other relatives homes. Of course the feast of food and many other goodies cannot be forgotten. Now the shoe is on the other foot more or less, and I enjoy the giving more so then the receiving. I love to see the faces of my children as they open and receive that certain something I know they will love to have.
    I imagine that is something of what the Lord feels about us. Waiting to see the expression on our faces as we come to the realization of who he is and our need for him. That first prayer or cry out to him, for that prayer of salvation. The budding new member to the eternal life in Christ. I don't know your life situation, but if you don't know God (and I hope you do); take a look into the truth of who he is. Open the Bible and let it speak to you through the Holy Spirit of God and or talk to someone you trust who is a Christian today. God would Love to meet with you anytime you are available.
     Whatever your situation, I pray you have a great Christmas day with family and friends. May the peace of God be with you and yours today. Love always in Christ my Lord.