Monday, December 26, 2011

Military Monday - GGrandpa Dennie's Recruitment Paper and Where it Lead Me *Updated Dec 12, 2016*

    This Discharge Certificate was in my grandmother's papers when she died. I found them with the family photo's she had. It is of her father William George Dennie. From this form however I was able to in later years go on line and find that his Particulars of Recruit, draft paper was available on the National Archives web site along with this page. Which I down loaded to round out my files more. As I have said earlier, family history tells us that he lied about his age to join and I have found him in the 1901 Canadian Census only months old at the time, which would confirm that the June 1899 birthday listed on this form is false.     *As I have already noted on these previous blogs I have since found proof that he was born in 1899 and that his mother was Maria Chappell and not Sarah Walker as I previously believed. Updated Dec 12, 2016 by the author of the blog - John Goodwin*

    While on line at the Archives I learned that you could also order the complete military record for the Soldiers listed. So within the year I had gotten a credit card and ordered the package. It arrived and in a large manila envelope and I was eager to open it. Inside was a number of documents; all about my Great Grandfather and his service. It contains records of service, pay and health. It is all very interesting, I even found info. on the ship he returned to Canada on and looked it up on line, finding a picture of it. Below is the copy of the record. I would encourage anyone who had a relative that served to look into obtaining a copy of the record for themselves.

The proceedings of discharge paper. It list the reason for discharge as "demobilization", the war was over. Confirmation stamped Nov. 5, 1919. at the top right it reads that he embarked at South Hampton on Nov. 8, 1919 aboard the R.M.S. Royal George. 

The picture reads at the bottom 'Conard "R.M.S. Royal George" at Avonmouth, Bristol.'

Form R122 above.

Casualty Form list him as Rank - 'Dapper' and qualified as a driver & Electrical Engineer.

Back portion of the Casualty Form above.

The Medical history Form of Great Grandpa Dennie. A physical description to round out the black & white photo's I have.

Dental form for Demobilization.

The Dental History Sheet.

    This is more then half the paperwork from the file. I will upload the rest of the file on another Military Monday coming soon. For now though this should be enough to help start the juices flowing and to 'Remember When...'