Friday, March 30, 2018

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 8)

    Well this adventure in DNA testing keep's moving along.  First of all my mother's brother Wilfrid (who died just a little time back) had children from a few different woman in his life. One I have gotten to know (Robbie H.), and another (Christine) who I only really know over Facebook. She is the spitting image of our grandmother (WIlfird & my mother Noella's mother).  Well I noticed that she had done the Ancestry DNA test and showed up on my matches. So I contacted her on the Ancestry site and let her know that I had ben doing the family history and would be willing to share anything she would like to know about. I left it at that and she responded a few months later that she was interested. I have let her know through Facebook that I intend to respond soon. I will probably do that this week.
    The other news is that my mother, my brother and I are going up north (Verner, Warren, Sturgeon Falls, North Bay area of Northern, Ontario) to visit with family up there. My brother doesn't really know the family up there well and has wanted to go up and meet and get to know some of them better. His children and and possibly his wife may be coming along too.  So while we are looking forward to this, I get a call from my father and he wants to know if I can ask my brother if it's alright to give our dad his number. Dad wants to call and talk to him, trying to reach out after all these years. Now that we have the hard evidence that he is my brother's father. So I talked to my brother and he said he was fine with this. He holds no ill feeling and is fine with talking to him. He has no expectation for the conversation and isn't looking for anything (even an appology of any kind). So I was over his place having this conversation and hung around for a while talking and visiting when my brother tells me he has changed his mind. He thinks this is a conversation that would be better/should be done, face to face. So I said we are going up north soon and dad is in the area. We can take a day trip over and see him. My brother agreed and so we will be going to visit him while up north. My brother has said he will bring the kids with him too, so they can meet our dad and his wife Ivy (their other grand parents).  I am somewhat floored at how this has come together. I am very pleased by it, and pray for the best to come of it. I know even if they start talking it will never be the relationship it should have been. My mother and I where seperated for about 10 years when my parents divorced and there has always been something missing from our relationship. Well where ever this goes; it can't go anywhere unless people step out and make an effort.
     Lastly, on Facebook we have a family site for Lafleur cousin's where we can talk and share. Some of the family keep asking about our relation to Guy Lafleur the NHL Hockey player. I have heard over the years that he is a distant cousin and so have others. They know I do the genealogy and asked if I knew. I said I hadn't come across anything as of yet; but that I really hadn't looked very hard. One of the cousins meesaged that his birthday was such and such and his parents name. I told them give me a few minutes adn with that info I would see what I could quickly find. I did a search and found a tree of another distant cousin that had Guy on it and showed that guy's GGG Grand Parents where my GGGG Grand Parents. We are his distant cousins. I am trying to get all the info into my tree and confirm the link. Right now it appears we are all 3-4th cousins and or 2nd cousins so many times removed. Once I have it all in I will be able to confirm it.
    For now continue to look back into your own family history and always REMEBER WHEN....