Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 7)

    Well after three test (two failed and one that finally worked out), my brothers DNA results are in. My brother and I share the same parents. The site matches my brother & father.  I attach a look at the 3 of us. You will notice that my brother actually has more of a match to our father then I do. The Irish is stronger in them than in I. My brother is interested in the facts and genetic history. He isn't interested in a relationship after all these years.   I called my father and gave him the news. I could tell it hit him hard. He realized all that he has lost, all the years, the son and the grand children he's missing. Will anything come of their mutual knowledge. Will they talk? Will they get together at all? That will be up to them. Only time will tell. Now we just wait for our mother to get her sample together and sent in.

   On another note. The last blog I talked about a visit to my mother's cousin in Warren, Ontario. She lives on the same property my Great Grand parents owned and lived on.  She sent me some pics and I did some repair work to a few of them.  I attach the one that means the most to me. It is of those Great Grand Parents with my mother and some of her siblings at that home in Warren.

Left - Israel Noel Ouellette, Center Rear - Israel's wife Aldea Gervais holding Wilfrid Lafleur, Center Left (tallest girl) - Fernande Lafleur, Right side middle - Noella Aldea Lafleur,  Front right - Florence Lafleur. Siblings with their grand parents. My mother Noella named for these grand parents. 

     As always look to the memories of old and always Remember When......