Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 5)

    My Father's DNA test has finally come in. After reviewing it, I feel it is pretty clear that he and my Aunt Orleen had different father's. Now Siblings can have a fairly wide variance in their DNA; however their differences are so different you would have to question it just on that. He is mostly Irish and she is Western European with Irish & Iberian. He has the Irish Munster as a genetic Community and she has the French Settlers of Montreal and Detroit. Again since siblings DNA can be different the bigger clue was the DNA matches at Ancestry. They don't have the same family name matches or cousin matches. He has Goodwin matches and she hasn't any.  Just everything about this looks like the long suspected seems to have been confirmed.

    The bigger surprise was the Goodwin matches on my dad's DNA. The DNA matches of the Goodwin's are from the Hamilton, Ontario area and then back to England. Where as according to my Father's Long Form Birth Certificate his father was from Illinois (living in Hamilton when he met my grand mother) and his family originally came from the New York area and then back to England. So did his father lie about his origins? I now have a new mystery and have to research this further. I may have the wrong Goodwin line on my tree.

    The more I learn, the more I don't know. I just learned that my cousin on my mothers side has done the Ancestry DNA test. I just found her on there tonight. My brother still has to send in his new test and I ordered a test for his wife and for our Mother (the Lafleur side will be coming in clearer soon too). I leave in three days to go to Northern Ontario (specifically Sturgeon Falls/Verner/Warren area of Nipissing County). My Father is retired and living up that way and my mothers family is from there. I will be visiting her sister (my aunt) and a cousin of hers that I have been in touch with on Facebook. I am also doing research in the local Genealogical sections of the Libraries up there. I plan on interviewing my dad and hopefully my aunt at least on video; to add to my family record. It will be interesting to sit around and Remember When...with them. Until the next update.