Friday, June 9, 2017

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 4)

   Well now the high's and the low's of the DNA journey.  My oldest daughter (and her husband) ordered DNA test from '23 and Me' and her results were the next ones to come available. I set up a free account and she included me to share her information.  So I looked at it and I was pretty sure that my father and his siter (my aunt) had different father's.  If they had the same father then they would have a similar genetic make-up and I would have gotten that and passed it down. My Daughter had less then 1% African genetics like my Aunt; however hers was from the Western Sub-Saharan area and my aunts was from South Africa. So that was number one and I know it is from a very small part; so looking at the rest we find the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) that my aunt had a 21% genetic make-up and my daughter only a 1.4%. Again if my father had a similar make-up and passed down half to me and me half to my daughter then I would expect her to have more. My Daughter's mother's side is basically the same as our side in that they are 99% European. Just a different mix. But even there you would think there would be a chance of getting a higher mix from that side. So just these two and the rest said I was pretty sure about the results for when My father's test finaly gets processed.  
    Then my test came in and am more sure. I have the same less then 1% genetics from the Western area of Africa as my daughter and no South African such as my aunt does. My make up is only 1% Western Europe and my aunts is 35%; I would expect mine to be higher based on hers (if they share the same father). We of course will know better when my father's test is processed. 
     Now the final part of the saga so far is that I got an e-mail from Ancestry and they had a problem with my brother's test. They could not process a viable sample for testing. So they sent out a new test. I just recieved it today, activated it and dropped it off at his place for him to try again. I have to say I am not completely happy with this. I mean I understand things happen; however when I activated it, it said it would take the usual 6-8 weeks to process and maybe more with the back log. I have already waited more then 8 weeks for the results, then waited 2 weeks for the new test to get here. Now when it gets there it doesn't even get some kind of priority processing (moved to the front with the next batch going in)? A little customer friendly service would be nice. I was hoping to have the answers before I see my father in July. So we could discuss everything in person. Well we'll see. Maybe the standard e-mail goes out; but they do move it up. We'll find out soon enough. 
     So below is a chart I made to compare the results so far. Continue 'Remebering When' and I'll continue the story as it develops.