Friday, April 7, 2017

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 2)

   Just a small update. I have contacted my father and let him know that I have an Ancestry DNA kit coming to me for him; and as of today I sent it to him in the mail this afternoon. He will have it by Tues. or Wed. at the latest. He is interested in finding out the answers related to his relationship to his sister (whom I have also sent a kit to - she already recieved it and sent it back for processing weeks ago). I also told him I have one for my brother and he said that was good. He didn't have much more to say about it yet. We will have to await the results; before we get the real reaction. I gave my brother his last week end. I don't know if he sent in yet; I assume he did. He was interested in the information that this will open up for me and the family and how to make links from it. I explained it a liitle to him and told him to check out the You Tube videos on it. Something else of interest to add to the whole story is that while talking to my oldest daughter about this; she revealed that she and her husband had ordered and sent in their own kits with another of the Genealogy web sites. So we will be able to compare the info from both sites and make links possibly with others who are only on one or the other web site. Very interested to get to the next step in this process. Until then; Remember When.