Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 1)

   Well my kids got me the Ancestry DNA kit this past Christmas. Being the family genealogist and having an Ancestry membership they thought it would be a good gift. They were of course, right. Now don't ask me why it took so long; however I just filled my saliva test tube and sent it in about a week or so ago. Yesterday I received an e-mail that they had received it at there testing center and that it had been placed in the line-up to be tested. It will be between 8 and 9 weeks to see the results. As long as it took me to send in my sample; it took almost no time at all to decide to test other family members. My brother and I had already talked about both doing this test; and just haven't gotten around to it. Price being a small factor. We were waiting to see a sale on the kit. My father has always insisted that my brother can't be his biological son. My mother insist he is. So we figure we can lay all questions aside and let the DNA speak for itself. Also if you read my previous blog about my father's mother (my Grand-mother); then you know there is a similar question about my father and his siblings. So I ordered this past week a kit for my brother and one for my father and his sister. Unfortunately my Uncle died back in 1992 (as you would also know from that previous blog) and so I can't test him; Also his daughter was killed a few years later, so I can't test her either. I called my Aunt in Minnesota and she was exited by the idea and of finding out the answers after all these years. My brother is waiting for it. I'm not sure how excited or nervous he is. It has been a question hanging over him for years. I talked to my father a year or two ago about doing this and what it would mean if we find out that he is his son. I know it would hurt him inside to realize what he has missed out on. Family is very important to him. He is I think a little apprehensive about the test from that point of view. However I think he is very interested to learn about his sister and their actual parentage.
    So I have the Ancestry membership and I own all these test. they were purchased by me and I get to administer them through my account for the family. I am excited to see the matches that we may be able to make as well as the answers to the questions we have. Now we just wait for them to arrive, activate them, send them in and get the results. Check out the video if you want to know more about this test  I will keep you updated as we complete more steps. As always Remember When and share those memories with others.