Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Are We?

 So who are we? We are a conglomeration of all who came before us. We are the product of our parents, our 4 grand-parents before them, our 8 great-grand-parents before them, 16 great-great-grand-parents before them, and so on. All coming into the gene pool that makes for each of us as individuals. My ‘Gene pool’ is as follows. I am the Product of the Goodwin’s (Paternal / Father’s side) and the Lafleur’s (Maternal / Mothers side).   

        On the Paternal side my grand-father was obviously a Goodwin and my grand-mother was a DennieNow with out going into family history itself anything past my grand-father is one of my ‘Genealogical Brick Wall’s’. My grand-mother was the product of Dennie (Father) and Forwell (Mother).  Great-grand-pa Dennie was the product of the Dennie’s and the Walker’s.  Great-grand-ma Forwell was the product of the Forwell’s and the Brown’s. Now I do know the first names for all 4 parents of the Walker and Dennie line;  obviously only know the paternal lines back that next generation with the full names. 

        On the Maternal side my grand-fathe
r was obviously again a Lafleur and my grand-mother was a Ouellette.  Grand-paLafleur was the product of the Lafleur’s and the Trudelle’sOnce again in the next generation of the Lafleur and Trudelle lines I know all 4 of the parents first names but only the Paternal family names, and so that is as far as I go with that line.With theOuellette line Grand-ma was the product of the Ouellette’s and the Gervais’s. Great-grand-pa Ouellette was the product of the Ouellette’s and the Archambault’s; and that is as far back as I go with that line.  His wife, my great-grand-mother Gervais was the product of the Gervais’s and the Cousineau’s.  Great-great-grand-pa Gervais was a product of the Gervais’s and theLongpre’s; and that is as far as this line goes.  His wife, my great-great-grand-ma Cousineau was a product of theCousineau’s and the Beauchamp’s.  Now great-great-great-grand-pa Cousineau was the product of the Cousineau’s and theGascon’s.  His wife, my great-great-great-grand-ma Beauchampwas the product of the Beauchamp’s and the Laronde’s.  Now this line is the one I have traced back the furthermost so far; however from this point back I don’t trust the info completely as I haven’t been able as of yet to verify it myself.  As of yet the other names I have are Legault, Beautron,  and Kekjicakoe andWonsneswesquigigo and go back to the 1750’s.