Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canadian Remembrance Day & Great Granpa Dennie

    With remembrance Day here, I am thankful that in time of need ordinary men step forward to serve their countries. Some go to war and never return home. Others return changed by the experience. We in Canada and the other Allied countries enjoy a freedom that is taken for granted all to often. At this time it is important to say to those that served; "Thank you". It is so little a thing to say and yet means so much. So tell a veteran today, "Thank you; for all you did". It so happens My great grandpa Dennie (pictured above with his wife Gladys nee-Forwell), was a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during WWI as an engineer. He joined late in the war and so by the time he got over seas, I believe he was just helping with the consolidation and clean up. However late in the war he joined up however; was early for him. You see Great Grandpa Dennie was only 18 at the time he enlisted. He was determined to do his part. I searched out the date he enlisted and fighting was still intense and the Germans where making a hard stand of it. I believe Great Grandpa fully expected to see combat. I have a copy of his full service record, that I ordered from Archives Canada. While it gives me more insight into the man; I still wish I had gotten to meet him and further to say thank you to him personally. Don't miss the opportunity to tell a Vet you know how much you appreciate what they did.  God Bless all those that serve. Let us all "Remember When...." "Lest We Forget".