Monday, August 20, 2018

Ancestry DNA helping fill in the missing pieces (Part 9)

   This is the last of this series (as far as I know, right now).  The trip up North was a great one. We had a good time and my brother and his family got to meet a group of other's from our family. Seeing and being on the property that was the land of our great grand parents was something else. He fell in love with it as much as I.  We went out in the bush and enjoyed seeing the old homestead of our great grand parents.  Later we spent the night out in the bush; my brother Branden, cousin in law Gabe and I. We talked about the visit Branden was to have with our father. He wasn't interested in appologies or in hearing excuses for his belief's. He mentioned that he was having the meeting in part because he thought I wanted it. That he was doing for me.  I tried to tell him, he didn't need to. I wanted this for the two of them. I knew that any possibility of a future relationship for them was up to them. I just wanted them to take the chance at it. I really don't get anything from it per say. I just didn't want them to miss the chance. A few days later we went to our father's house ahead of everyone else. We sat and talked for an hour or so and just talked casually. There was no mention of the past and what had happened back then, no excuses.  A week or so after I talked with my brother and he said the meeting really didn't do anything and it was all just as it was. I told him I didn't fully understand, as it seemed to go exactly as he had said he wanted it to. I have since been back up north to see my dad and check on him. He made no mention of the meeting and given his memory problems recently and how much he seems to feel things when he tries to remember. So I believe it will not go anywhere further.  As I said, this was their story, the outcome is thier's. I can't live their life's. They took the opportunity to speak and if it has not lead them to any kind of reconcilation then they have to live with this.
    I am also happy to report that my cousin in law has found the old well at the old homestead and is going to try to reopen it as a source of water in the bush. It was really good to be back out there and see the property.  I hope you have all been having a good time researching your own family history/stories. I continue to work on our's. No matter where the research takes you it is still your story. Don't be afraid of it. You are still who you are, no matter the new info we find. So always Remember When....
    Lastly I have been considering making this a video blog and put it on 'You Tube'. I will be looking at how to go about this, and ask my son to help me. No promises. If I do then I may redo these blog's as video blog's. If not and or until then I will continue to these blog's, when I can.

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