Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sundays Obituary - Remembrance Day Canada *Updated Dec.12, 2016*


 Well it's that time of the year again, and time to honor those who are and who have fought for our countries freedom.  Canada isn't exactly thought of as one of those to be feared in this modern world. I mean we aren't as likely to show up on some others counties soil or water way trying to enforce our will on them. However Canadians have always held their own and then some in times of war. The American's learned early on that we were not going to simply roll over and become part of their nation. In the War of 1812 Brock, Tecumseh and many fine men helped lay a foundation for a nation. In WWI, Canadians troops were often called in to move on enemy positions that were proving difficult to take. Does any one remember Vimy Ridge?  In WWII Canadian troops fought alongside the Allies to secure Europe and the world from Hitler. Storming the beach at Juno more lives were lost then were able to push on. Today in Afghanistan troops seek to help that country reform and protect them from the Taliban forces.  The United Nations Peace Keeping Force has always had a strong Canadian representation among it's troops.
       If you have followed my blog over this first year, then you know of my great grandfather Dennie. He lied with his mothers approval to join the army in WWI. He luckily for us anyway didn't make it over to see battle. He joined, was trained and shipped over to Britain to finish training and the war ended. I believe all he ended up doing was helping with the clean up and organizing of equipment to ship back. Still he didn't know that he wouldn't make it to the front lines and at age 16 was on a boat headed to war.  If you haven't followed my blog, scan back through. I even have his war record posted. I ordered it from the Canadian Archives.  Also you may run across another story of my great grandfathers friend (who I called Uncle George), George Fraser. Who was an WWII army driver and drove the then Princess Elizabeth and her husband during their tour of Canada. He foiled an attempt to get at her while driving the highways of Ontario.  These are just two of the specific men in my family tree that I think about during this time of the year. However I never forget that there are and have been so many more. So say thanks to a vet this Remembrance Day and always "Remember When ....." others fought and even died for us, to continue to enjoy the freedoms we have.

    * I have updated all the previous records about this bit of family lore. Great Grandpa Dennie did join up at the proper age of 18. I have found and corrected the family genealogy and updated it with the correct lineage and facts. Updated Dec 12, 2016 by the blog author - John Goodwin.*

While doing some research this past week at the Windsor Library I came across this full page ad.  It was in the Saturday, November 11, 1944, Windsor Star, Section 3, page12.