Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Workday Wednesday - The Painters of Windsor, Ont., Canada - Part 2

    So to finish off the story of the Painters of Windsor; below i have my Grandfather Lafleur's metal union Social Insurance Card and the paper one you hold onto to order a new one if you lose your original.  Along with his Painters Union Card. I also put his Birth certificate up that I have put on before, to show the proper spelling of his name.   Now the Painters of Windsor also included my Grandfather Lafleur's brother Ferdinand Lafleur. The brothers worked together on the same crew and Uncle Ferdinand would be over all the time. We had a really close family on my mothers side back then.  Until my grandfather retired and they moved back up north to the Nipissing area; where they were originally from. Once they did, the brothers and sisters (my mother and her sib's) stopped getting together as much. Now we see each other a couple times a year at best. It is a sad state of affairs if you ask me. Most of my cousins and my brother are younger and don't really "Remember When....." and how will they if the previous generation isn't there to pass on their knowledge.

Grandpa Joseph Wilfrid Lafleur (left) and his brother Ferdinand Lafleur (right).