Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tech Tuesday - Working with Ancestry

   Well after taking advantage of the 'Free Canadian Records Weekend" at Ancestry a month or so ago; I decided to take the plunge. This past weekend Ancestry was offering 25% off membership fees and so I joined.  I have uploaded my GenFile and have been checking the records that come up. I have busted through a brick wall and added family members to my tree, records to my files and already made a new contact with another distant cousin.  I have come upon some other info that leads to Ireland and records in the U.S.A. for family there.  I figure that once I have everything uploaded, records connected and downloaded, that maybe I will try an upgrade and get the world access for at least a month. I am enjoying the information, however there is a lot of mess to weed through too. As with normal research, you still have to check and verify everything.  You can't assume other's have done so.  Over all I have to say I am finding it worth while. I would encourage other's to join. However I would encourage it with the proviso that they have already done all the research they could on their own and have run out of lines to follow. I enjoy that the fact that there is a ground I have built on.   So how about you, do you have the need for the tech of computer searches through Ancestry? Will they help you to fill out your tree and "Remember When....?