Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Happy "Middle Child Day"

Today is Middle Child Day - Aug 13
A day to salute the middle-born children whose youthful activities were limited due to their always being too young or too old. Today, they are just right! Created in 1986 by Elizabeth Walker. Annually, the second Saturday in August.
We all have them in our family tree somewhere, and we all know the "Middle Child Syndrome" that is talked about. How about YOU? Are you one or do you have one of your own or one in the family that pops to mind. I can tell you in my family say "Middle Child" and my daughter Miranda jumps to mind immediately. A strong willed child from before birth (that's a story in itself...LOL) and yet a loving caring young woman; who, if she is your friend you will be so happy to have.

Banff, Alberta - June 28/2019 - Father (John Goodwin) & Daughter (Miranda Goodwin)

Markstay/Warren, Ontario - Aug. 21/2005 -
Back L- William Goodwin (Father), Back R - John Goodwin (Son),
Front L-R - Victoria, Miranda & Liam (Grand-children)

Miranda was due on July 4th (my birthday) and started to show her uniqueness from with-in the womb. The 4th came and went with no appearance. The 5th came and went, also. The 6th came and her mother picked me up from work and said she was having contractions. We headed home where her mother was to meet us to watch our oldest child (Victoria). We could then head to the hospital. So We get home and the wife says she wants to take a shower before going; as she remembers how long she had to wait for one when Victoria was born. I told her we should leave now though as her contractions were about 5-6 minutes apart and the Dr. had said to head to the hospital at 10 minutes apart as the second child would come sooner then the first, usually. She said shower first and proceeded up the 5 stairs to the bathroom when half way up; her water broke. She turned around and said "Or we can leave now". We went to the hospital and around 10 pm we thought, 'she's not here yet; maybe she is going to wait to share her birthday with Grand-pa Bill (my father) on the 7th of July. One half hour later and Miranda was here. We said that she was stubborn and was determined to have her own birthday; no matter what we thought and or wanted. This nature showed itself from an early age. At around 4 yrs old, learning to tie her shoes and refusing help telling us "I do it my own self'; in that young slurred learning to speak for herself way.
As I said though she grew into a young woman who formed strong friendships. She proves to her friends continually her devotion to them and her support for them in many big and small ways. She is still stubborn and strong willed. You won't push her around in life; but you will be thankful she's in your corner.

So let's 'Remember When' the Middle Child (fill in the Blank) today and laugh out loud.

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