Monday, April 29, 2019

100 Years Old Today - Happy Birthday Grandpa!

     The date was April 28th, 1919 when Joseph Wilfrid Lafleur came into the world. Born to Eugene Wilfrid Lafleur and his wife Marie Louise (nee Trudel) in Caldwell, Nipissing County, Ontario, Canada. One of 12 children he would grow up to marry Desneige Margerite Ouellette on August 16th, 1943 at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Warren, Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada. They in turn would go on to have 7 children and settle in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. My Mother was one of those children and so I the grandson of Wilfrid and a keeper of the family genealogy want to 'Remember When' on this the occasion of his 100th Birthday. I also happen to have been named in part after him. My full name is John Francis Wilfrid Goodwin. Named after both my grandfathers, I get my second middle name from Grandpa Lafleur.
      My grandfather was a great man. He took care of his family to the best of his ability and always loved them. He especially loved his grand kids and always had time for them. When my parents first married, they lived with my grand parents until they could get a place of their own. My dad told me he would come home late from work and on a number of occasions found my grandfather up in the kitchen holding and feeding me, so my mother could sleep and heal from the birth.  The family was always over at our grandparents for meals and gatherings at least once a week. The house was always full of family and friends and I know that is at least in part why my house is always open to family and friends; because of the example that my grandparents set for us. Death took my grandfather on November 1, 1977 and my grandmother a year and a half later. They had retired back up north to the Nipissing county area a few years before then and so I didn't get to see them weekly as I had before. That coupled with my age meant I never really got to ask them the questions I wish I had the chance to ask now.  But I always 'Remember When' with fondness as I think of them and I am glad I have personal memories at all. My younger brother has none. So again I say "Happy Birthday grandpa, I wish you were here. Love ya."

Joseph Wilfrid Lafleur - 1943

August 16, 1943 - J. Wilfrid Lafleur marries Desneige Ouellette.

Summer 1949 - J. Wilfrid Lafleur & Daughter Noella (home in Windsor).

Summer 1948 - J. Wilfrid Lafleur holding daughter Noella (home in Windsor).

Summer 1964 J. Wilfrid Lafleur standing with brother Fernand behind their parents (seated) Eugene W. Lafleur & Marie Louise (nee Trudel). 

Christmas day 1968 - J. Wilfrid Lafleur with his wife Desneige and their 7 children at their home (818 Bruce Ave., Windsor).

Christmas Day 1972 - J. Wilfrid Lafleur with some of his children & grand Children (me John in his arm) at his home (818 Bruce Ave., Windsor).

July 10, 1976 - J. Wilfrid Lafleur with grandchildren (left to right) John F.W. Goodwin, Branden R Goodwin & Sheri L. Lafleur. 

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