Monday, December 12, 2016

So updated past blogs and other work on the Family Genealogy

    So the first thing you have to know is that it has been a while. I know I don't blog consistently; however that is part of life with a family, job, home and church.  I have been working on my genealogy and organizing my records and finding new records and family members. 
    Now the most important piece of news is an update to My Great Grandfather William George Dennie. In the past due to family lore it was believed that he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in WWI at the age of 16. That his mother signed paper work saying he was born in 1899 when he had been born in 1901. Because of that lore I found a George Dennie (his father married to a Sarah Walker - living with her father  in the 1901 census and showing William as 2 months old). The Attestation papers showed his mother as Mary Dennie and I believed this was her using her Catholic Baptized name of Mary.  This fit the facts and I went with it. Now however after finding the marriage cert of William George to Gladys Forwell and other records; I have found that his mother was Maria Chappell and so went back to the records and found the correct George Dennie with Maria (his wife) and William born in 1899. SO I have expunged the records of the Walker lineage and have corrected it with the Chappell lineage. I have also corrected / noted the mistakes in the past blogs. If you check them out they have their titles updated to say ( *Updated Dec 12, 2016* ) and the incorrect info is now highlighted in yellow and a note about the correct info  is added to the blog as well as some records to one of the blogs.  I feel we all have mistakes that can creep into our work; but if we are diligent and true to the work we will update and correct these as we go. I felt it was best to leave the mistakes with the notes to preserve the growing work of my genealogy and the blog. Others may have chosen to update and correct the blogs as if the new work was the only way it had been. I decided to go this way. Right or wrong, I like the transparency of it. Besides in this case the mistake also came out of an oral piece of family lore handed down through the generations and shows that with out the records to prove them, they are still suspect. The family didn't lie, the story I am sure just evolved as is natural. My Great Great Grandmother probably didn't approve of her son joining the Military and going over to fight and maybe die in the first World War. 
     Some other things I have found since last I blogged. Williams father in Law, My Great Great Grandfather William Forwell also served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in WWI and had apparently served previous to that with the British Navy ( he was originally from Scotland). I have his Attestation paper (The full record isn't available on line at the Canadian Archives as of yet, I keep checking).  Along with them William Forwells other son in law and brother in law to William Dennie served. His name was Frederick Howlett and I have his Attestation papers and more importantly his whole WWI record (it was available on line and I have down loaded and printed it).  I also have a picture of Fred in his uniform, home in Hamilton Dundas area. 

William Forwell's Attestation Paper for WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force

Frederick Howlett's Attestation Paper for WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force

Frederick Howlett in uniform (right) with unknown man

    Now Remembrance Day may have just passed recently however I still am honored to know that my family and extended family has served our country; and next Remembrance Day I will 'Remember When...' proudly and so can the rest of the family.